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Simply Sandeep

As my name suggests I am a Smart AND Extremely Elegant Person .

Me @ Present : A Software Engineer working at UST-Global, Technopark located at God's Own Country.

Me @ Qualification : A Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication From CUSAT (2002-2006).View My Resume

Me @ Family : My childhood name was Sanjeet !!! But only my Dadi calls me with this name.My papa is a Mechanical Engineer and Maa is a home maker.My Didi is a graduate in Psychology and stays with her husband.My bhaiya is owning a studio and a mini video mixing lab.He got married last month only (Dec 2007), making my line clear to marry my Love.But,wait a min,Meri ek pyari si chhoti bahanaa,Sanju jo hai.Dont worry,after her marriage.....Mera number jarur aayega.

Me @ Heart : Mera Heart to Chori ho chuka hai!!! I am emotional,sensitive and caring with my close friends. With strangers, need initiative from other side to become friendly (a weakness, so working on it), otherwise will be formal with them.

Me @ Mind : A great thinker but carefree('MANAN' karta hoon, 'CHINTAN' nahi).Believes in "Give respect to get respect".Always ready to help the needy at any cost.

Me @ Face : Just like an Apple.Though, I look serious most of the working time,but when I smile, I am so cute.(Jyada to nahi ho gayaa?). Well for proof visit Dazzling n Twinkling Sandeep or My Spectrum

Me @ Language :
  • Bhojpuri[S R W] - Hamaraa ke bhojpuri aawela !
  • Hindi[S R W] - Mujhe Hindi Aati Hai!
  • English[S R W] - I know English also!
  • Malayalam[S R W] - Enikye Malayalam aryaam!
  • Computer[S R W] - Have also installed C,C++,JAVA,HTML,XML,Portal,.........etc in my small mind.

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